Gary S. Brown, MAI, ASA, CCIM has been an independent fee appraiser since 1978. He maintains offices at 1313 Campbell Road, Bldg. B, Houston, Texas 77055. He has been actively engaged in the valuation of commercial properties, the acquisition/sale of income properties, management of income properties, evaluation, consulting, feasibility studies, commercial lease negotiations, and primarily performs appraisal assignments involving all types of real estate. Expert testimony has been rendered for bankruptcy, condemnation, and ad valorem tax procedures. He has qualified as an expert in the State of Texas and U.S. District Courts of Texas, California, and Missouri. Mr. Brown is President of Gary Brown & Associates, Inc.
Gary Brown & Associates, Inc. is a full service real estate appraisal and consulting firm based in Houston, Texas. Established in 1987 to specialize in appraisal, consultation, and feasibility analysis, the company is recognized for the quality of their service and their work in the field of property valuation and analysis. Clientele includes pension funds, advisors, financial institutions, trust funds, REIT's, attorneys, courts, governmental agencies, Fortune 500 companies and individuals. Expertise in real estate valuation includes a wide range of income producing and special purpose properties. The appraisal staff is highly qualified possessing considerable experience in appraisal of all types of properties at both the national and local levels. Gary Brown & Associates, Inc. utilizes the most sophisticated income valuation software currently available. The philosophy of business is results oriented distinguished by professionalism, expertise and integrity.

Bachelor of Arts Degree:
University of Texas (1978)
University of Texas courses:
Principles of Real Estate, Business Law, Real Estate Finance
Appraisal Institute (AI) courses:
Appraisal Principles; Basic Valuation Procedures; Capitalization Theory and Techniques Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3; Standards of Professional Practice, Part A & B; Industrial Valuation; Case Studies in Real Estate Valuation; Valuation Analysis& Report Writing; Instructor Leadership & Development Conference, Chapter Leadership Conference, Fundamentals of Separating Real, Personal Property, and Intangible Business Assets
International Right of Way Association (IRWA) Courses:
Ethics and the Right of Way Professional
Appraisal Institute (AI) Seminars:
Cash Equivalency; Electronic Spreadsheet; Report Perfect; Depreciation Analysis; Instructor Seminar; Subdivision Analysis; Standards of Professional Practice - Update; HP 12C Seminar; Comprehensive Appraisal Workshop; Principles and Procedures Overview; Americans With Disabilities Act Seminar; Understanding Limited Appraisals & Appraisal Reporting Options: General, Update on Uptown District, 1031 Exchange, Economic State of Affairs
Governmental Seminars:
R-41b Seminar; R-41c Seminar; RTC Affordable HousingDisposition Program; HUD Update seminar for Appraisers
Texas Association of Property Tax Professionals:
Principles of Property Tax Consulting
Rice Management Seminars:
Leadership Skills for Managers; Effective Business Writing; Enhancing Quality in Your Organization; Local Area Network for PC's; Marketing Strategy and Techniques Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute (CCIM) Courses
Financial Analysis for Commercial Real Estate, Market Analysis for Commercial Real Estate, Decision Analysis for Commercial Real Estate, Course Concepts Review
Other Seminars:
Valuations in Litigation; Environmental Issues in Real Estate; Fourth Eminent Domain Conference, Property Tax Consulting, Attacking & Defending an Appraisal in Litigation, Statistics Review with Appraisal Applications, Market Analysis and the Site to Do Business, Secrets of a Successful Litigation Practice


Chairman -By Laws Committee, Appraisal Institute- 2008-2009
Chairman - Commercial Comparables Exchange, Appraisal Institute- 2008
Chairman - Public Relations, Appraisal Institute-Region 8- 2007
President - Appraisal Institute- 2006
Board of Directors - Appraisal Institute-1998-2007
Regional Representative – Appraisal Institute- 1999-2000, 2003-2007
Chairman - Technology Committee, Appraisal Institute- 2003
Chairman - Communication Committee, Appraisal Institute- 1999-2002
Chairman - Admissions Committee, 1997, Co-Chairman - 1995-1996, Sub-Committee Chairman - 1991- 1994
Regional Screener - Appraisal Institute - 1997-2004
Regional Admissions -Appraisa Institute - 1994-1997
Public Relations Committee – Appraisal Institute- 1992- 1994
Member - Regional Review and Counseling Committee - 1991-1994
Member - Admissions Committee -Appraisal Institute- 1987-1990
Member - Candidate Guidance Committee, Appraisal Institute- 1986-1988

MAI - Appraisal Institute
ASA – American Society of Appraisers
State Certified Appraiser – Texas, Louisiana and New York
CCIM – Commercial Investment Real Estate Institute
Member, Candidate for SR/WA - International Right of Way Association
Broker – Licensed Real Estate Broker in the State of Texas
Member - National Association of Realtors Member - Texas Association of Realtors
Member - Houston Association of Realtors Associate Member, Urban Land Institute

Regional Malls
Power Centers
Community Centers
Neighborhood Centers
Convenience Stores
Service Stations
Automotive Car washes (all types)
High Rise
Garden Apartments
Condominium Projects
Retirement Housing projects
HUD Section 8 HAP for Rehabilitation
LIHTC/Tax Credits
Large Heavy Manufacturing
Light Manufacturing
Distribution Facilities
Auto Service Facilities
Recycling Facility
Downtown High Rise and Historical
Suburban Mid Rise and Single Tenant
National and Regional Chains
Resort Hotels
Country Clubs
Golf Courses
Tennis/Racquet Clubs
Bowling Alley
Local Airports
Amusement Parks
Water Parks
Baseball Parks
Partial Takings
Whole Takings
Road Widening Projects
Pipeline Easements
Railroad Easements
Right-of-Way Easements
Air Rights
Vacant Urban (developed/undeveloped)
Vacant Suburban
Vacant Agricultural Farms and Ranches
Single Family Residential
Mobile Home Parks
Planned Communities
Single Family
Condominiums - Low and High Rise
Special Purpose:
Airport Hangars
Nursing Home/Convalescence Hospitals
Mortuary/Funeral Home/Cemeteries
State Historical Landmarks
Day Care Centers
Cold Storage Facilities
Salt Domes
Truck Stops
Timber Rights
Mineral Rights & Royalty Interests
Partial Interests
Leased Fee
Leasehold Interest
Encumber and Restricted Use
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Heavy Industrial Cranes
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